The Magic of Columbia Jackets Unveiled!

Columbia's Men's Jackets and Vests: Stay Cozy in Style with ThermaratorTM Tech

As the weather cools down and autumn vibes kick in, it's time guys, to check out what’s new in outdoor clothing. What better brand to turn to for the chillier months than Columbia. With a rich history of providing high-quality, performance clothing, this iconic brand has never disappointed outdoor enthusiasts. Let’s explore what makes Columbia jackets so special and why they've become a go-to brand in Ireland in recent years.

Columbia’s Expertise in Outdoor Gear

Columbia Sportswear Company has been making outdoor gear since 1938. They’ve been weathering the storm and keeping people warm ever since. Along the way, they’ve learned a thing or two about making jackets, sweaters and gilets to cope with the wildest of weather.

The secret to Columbia's success? Cutting-edge tech. They've never stopped pushing the envelope when it comes to outdoor gear. Columbia jackets don't just keep you warm; they do it without sacrificing mobility, breathability, or style.

ThermaratorTM Technology

What sets Columbia's men's jackets and vests apart is their innovative ThermaratorTM technology. This cutting-edge insulation system is designed to keep you warm without the added bulk. It works by trapping your body heat within tiny reflective dots, providing an efficient, lightweight, and breathable warmth.
  • High warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Ultra-fine fibres trap heat, even when wet
  • Uses performance synthetic, that looks and feels like down.

So, whether it’s conquering snow-capped mountains, leisurely strolls in the park, or nights on the town, Thermarator technology ensures you stay cozy and dry for all your adventures.

Columbia Pullover Jackets

The Challenger Pullover Jacket is your trusty sidekick for unpredictable weather. The reflective lining, powered by ThermaratorTM, keeps you warm by retaining your body's natural heat, while the waterproof fabric without seam sealing or membrane will protect against occasional showers. This jacket is perfect for in-between seasons when an extra light layer is needed.

Columbia Challenger Pullover Jacket - Navy

Columbia Challenger Pullover Jacket - Cream

Columbia Puffer Jackets & Gilets

Packed with ThermaratorTM tech, Columbia’s iconic Puffect II Jackets will keep you warm without the marshmallow effect. Perfect for layering up and looking sharp while you're at it. Available in red, black or grey.

Columbia Puffect II Jacket - Red

For those times when you need a little extra warmth without a jacket, Columbia’s sleeveless Puffect II Vest is the answer. Using the same ThermaratorTM tech, their puffer gilets will keep your core warm and arms free. Perfect for a brisk morning jog or a trip to the shops.

Columbia Puffect II Vest - Teal

Hybrid Hoodie Jackets

What’s not to love - a jacket, a hoodie, and raincoat in one! The very wearable Out Shield Hybrid Hoodie Jacket has it all. Lightweight and insulated with ThermaratorTM, this lightweight jacket holds onto body heat with added protection against occasional showers. Available in yellow, stone or black.

Columbia Out Shield Hybrid Hoodie Jacket

Columbia Sweater Weather

Columbia has some trendy alternatives to jackets for layering up on cold, sunnier days. The men’s Sweater Weather II Print Zip is a winning combo of casual cool and coziness. Perfect for those in-between seasons when you need something snug for casual outings.

Columbia Sweater Weather II Print Zip

Or opt for the Helvetia Vest, another Columbia layering gem. It's super versatile and works great in any weather. Whether you're hiking the trails or hitting the town, this vest's got style and warmth in spades.

Columbia Helvetia Vest

Wrapping Up With Columbia

To wrap it up, Columbia's lineup of men's jackets and vests, featuring the magic of ThermaratorTM technology, is all about quality, performance, and looking good. With so many options to choose from, you can confidently embrace the colder weather, knowing Columbia's got your back – literally! So, this season, gear up with Columbia at McKenna Man and tackle the great outdoors in style and comfort.